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Krav Maga Self Defense

This program has been cancelled for Winter 2020 due to the tragic sudden passing of the instructor., Elvis Podvorac. Our hearts and condolensces go out to his family.

This very popular program is a form of hand to hand combat for women and men that is preferred among numerous Military and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide. Krav Maga is a simple, effective form of Self-Defense designed to employ techniques based on the body's natural movements and our instinctive reactions. Krav Maga training provides a total body workout by utilizing a combination of combative striking, street fighting, ground fighting and defense against weapons. It prepares the student for a variety of scenarios ranging from multiple attackers, to defense against various forms of weapons. Contact is minimal and safe at all times.

  • Fall Registration opens August 1
  • Winter Registration opens December 1
  • Spring Registration opens April 1

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